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Jun 12, 2006


Andrew Seely

Tim, it's been a blessing to get to know you and hear your heart these last few days, and especially the car ride home last night!!

Bill Colburn


I'm looking forward to hearing more! I like what they did with the Methodist Church. I appreciate that freedom within the emergent community to be creative with how church is 'done' as well as to allow for the creativity of God seekers. As Jesus commended the faith of those who tore up a roof to access 'church' and His presence with a sick friend, so we must always allow for 'organic creativity' that is free to tear apart whatever obstacles there may be for those seeking Christ. I'll bring my axe and hammer to our next gathering!

Andrew Tatum

Enjoyed our chat and your words tonight at Campbell BSU. It'd be great if we could chat sometime about all this stuff...I'm becoming more and more involved in the CBF (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship) and there are many similarities between the emergent "movement" and this Baptist Church Renewal movement within the CBF. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed it and look forward to hearing/speaking with you again.

Grace and Peace,
Andrew Tatum, Campbell Divinity School

Andrew Tatum

sorry, my URL was wrong on the above post. feel free to check out my blog.



Thinking of you and your ministry this Advent. Hope all is well in God's country. (Chapel Hill.)

Eli Dorman


Hey, I just started reading The Church in Transition. I am so challenged by the Emergent movement and am finding myself irresistably caught up into an emerging way of thinking about the church and my expression of Christian faith as a follower of Christ. Keep the good stuff coming.


Andy Rowell

Good to find your blog though it looks a little neglected at the moment but you have been doing lots of podcast stuff. In all seriousness, you are probably doing better things than blogging. No condemnation from me. Do your thing. Just wanted to say thanks for the book.


It is glad to a meeting!


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cathryn Thomas

Hey Tim..
get a hold of me.. when your back in the area.... you've got my email...
I'm pondering how to translate to London... EU emergent gonna hook up at Shannon's - Andrew is gonna be there too.
I'm stuck in NC at present...
but really want to hook up... got a few that you would love to meet.... in "town"-
Lovingly, cathryn

Br. Jay

Hey thanks for keeping us up to date on what is going on. God bless you and keep you.

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