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Apr 27, 2006



Nice post... and am enjoying your book by the way too.


what up tim


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. Too many people forget that the Jesus in the New Testament was extemely kind and forgiving to those who came to him in earnest repentance of their sins.

Cathryn Thomas

Hey Tim this is Cathryn we met at the Wake thingy... with Tripp ect......
just giving a shout out... now you have my email..... so say hey.... you can also go to my blog .....
We're heading to Texas to hook up with Derek & Amy Chapman for a week... leaving saturday...... (my birthday jaunt)- and touching tribes there ..... looking round.... and seeing what HE is up to. - also scoping out territory in the Spirit..... But it was awesome meeting you.... sorry so long in shouting out.... we've been hosting a FEW Brits.... and it's been full on heart healing stuff... and God Rocked the House...... Hopefully me and the hubby will be able to take a trip to see ya all soon.
shalom to the deepest places! Cathryn


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