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Aug 05, 2005



"A point that I make in the book is that copying emerging culture ministry practices with exploration of the thought and theology behind these practices has all of the inauthenticity of a bad combover."

I"m confused by this statement. Did you mean to say "without exploration of the thought and theology behind it...." If so, then that makes sense. Also, in regards to a bad combover, my dad had a combover for over 20 years before mom maned up and said it needed to go. Lord, forgive my father of his ways.


So derrek webb played for you all? I first heard him at the ONE concert here in Nashville. he played some Woodie Guthrie and Dylan for us. really enjoyed him and his wife.

doug pagitt

good for you!

And, welco,me to the jungle.

Tim Conder

THANKS Clark for noticing that heinous omisson in my original post - I've corrected it!

And thanks Doug - I always knew you were a closet Axel Rose fan!

susie albert miller

congrats tim! that is terrific and quite a feat in the midst of being a travel soccer dad;)
hope the rest of the summer affords you a break and some downtime! can't wait to buy your book and read it!

Steve K.

Congrats, Tim. Looking forward to reading the book!

Steve K.

andrew jones

bout time you wrote something, tim. i look forward to reading it.

now its probably my time to write a book?

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