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Jun 04, 2005



I enjoyed gleaning and look forward to gleaning sweet potatoes in the fall with anyone who'd like to join us. It was a beautiful Saturday morning to spend in the field at Jeffries Strawberries in Bunn. The brilliant reds and greens of the strawberry plants were particularly vibrant. Despite the hard work of the gleaners, I was grieved by how many strawberries were still left on the plants after we filled the second truck with fresh fruit for two low-income communities in Durham. I reflected on how many more people could have benefitted from the ripe, healthy fruit if only ...

I'm reminded of the story of Jesus's turning the five loaves and two fish into enough food to feed 5,000 with 12 baskets of pieces left over. The "left overs" I've been taught are to represent God's bounty ... that God will always provide more than enough.

It's a leap of faith for me to grasp that in our individualistic society, that there will be more than enough for everyone who is hungry.

It's true that we started out with the expectation that in a few hours we'd glean a truckload of strawberries and in a short time, we'd picked enough for two truckloads and there was still "left overs."

I guess the blessing is more than for those who benefit from God's bountiful provision, in this case of strawberries. It's also for those who participate and witness the bounty.

I feel blessed!

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