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May 26, 2005


Paul Marchbanks

glad to have you back in action on the site!

Jeremy Alder

Hey, Tim. We met last month when my wife and I were in the area visiting Duke Divinity. I'm excited to hear about the progress being made with the Durham mission. We have decided to make the move from Austin to Durham. I'll be following your blog for more details on Emmaus Way. Perhaps we'll meet up again this fall.

Steve K.


Great to have you back in the blogosphere! Thanks for the update on Emmaus Way. I'll be following your work with great interest, and I hope our communities can partner together at some point in the future. The Emergent cohort here in Charlotte continues to grow and grow -- adding new members every week now! God is really doing something. Thanks again for making the trip to be with us a couple months ago.

Steve Knight

Tim Conder

Looking forward to seeing you guys when you arrive in Durham. Drop us a line when you get to town and let us know if we can do anything to help you get settled.

Abrene Zoan

Hello Pastor Tim!
I am abrene and I would like to learn more about God's Scripture. Please help me to get closer to God. I am willing to listen whatever message that's come from God. I wanted to teach me and save me from my sin, and pray me as well. Thanks to our God who is Lord of Lords.! God Bless

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