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Feb 08, 2005



So good to hear about San Diego! I welcome more thoughts on "the atonment" topic. As we have talked before about this, there is in me, a need to re-language the theological conversation RE; "the atonment". Hey -we will be in CH for ET's wedding... perhaps more conversation on this can happen then!



Perhaps re-languaging could involve correct spelling of words like atonement. Hey- it is late, I am a working mom and did I mention I was an English major?

Rick Bennett


I thought you may be interested in a review of Brian's book by Al Mohler (pretty harsh).

I linked to it on my blog.



Speaking of harsh... I love Brian's irenic ways., and wish when coming across criticisms of the emergent church like I could be the same...

Greetings, Tim from a former youth pastor in Durham (New Hope Comunity Church) now doing something very different back "home" in PDX...

Steven Nicholson

I'm going to start making rude and insulting comments on your blog every day until you learn to post more than once a month. :) Hope you're having a great time this week. Enjoy it.


I missed the Larry King interview.... I can't remember what I was doing. Anyway, I'm really interested in this idea of the Gospel being larger than simply personal salvation. I think people get carried away with salvation because we care so much about ourselves and our friends and family, but salvation is only the first step in drawing near to God. I just got involved in a new church-plant in NOVA and it is really suburban. What I mean is that there are alot of very upper-middle-class people with alot of wealth that are doing a very good job of marketing salvation to people in their subdivisions. But what seems to be missing is a heart for the thousands of latinos next door in the city, or any kind of effort to take advantage of our proximity to DC and the people who are struggling there too, etc. The thing that gives me hope is that the church is new and doesn't have the institutional inertia that can slow down older churches. I want my church to realize that the gospel of salvation must be accompanied by a gospel of justice, mercy, service, sacrifice, and love. Like the the debate over the environment (which I agree was certainly not created for our consumption and exploitation), there is a dangerous attitude that material wealth was given as a blessing to us, for us. I'm venting now. Sorry, I should get a blog of my own to spare others from my rants!


I'm waiting for you at Bean Traders and decided to make another insulting comment regarding your lack of posting. You could have written a book in the time it takes you between posting on your blog. Oh wait, you did. Never mind. :)

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