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Sep 21, 2004


john bradley


just wondering if you are going to be in the Minneapolis area anytime soon?
Do you have any idea what emergent convention you will be attending this year?
talk to you sooon

Miles Travis

Last time I was in town, I saw an announcement in the CHBC bulletin about the blog and I decided to check it out. Sorry to hear about all the bad news. It's interesting how I can feel confident in God's goodness and resurrection and still be deeply pained or anxious when faced with sickness and death--even when I feel like "things are in order." I wonder, why did Jesus cry for Lazarus just before calling him out of the grave? Maybe our grief that seems irrational given the circumstances of our faith is a natural response to suffering that God did not intend for us to experience when he created us in the garden?


Tim - a hearty welcome to the blogosphere, wish I had found you earlier under better circumstances; will pray for this new aspect of your journey and God's grace upon you and your family..


Tim, this is a great, great post. The concept of "having one's affairs in order" has really been on my heart and in my mind (though, not in those words), so your thoughts really resonated with me. Prayers and good thoughts are being offered for you and for the family.
Thanks for sharing.

PS. we missed you at Ekklesia! catch you next time!

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